Does the Google Play store allow you to download betting apps from their application?

Google Play Betting Apps

Betting and gambling are popular sports among the young generation. With the updating in technology, young players can gamble or bet from their home itself. Now players do not have to go to casinos or bars for gambling or betting. There are thousands of online betting apps where you can bet on your favorite sports. However, the player who is using Android devices will not be able to download apps on their phone.

As we all know that Google Play will not allow downloading any type of betting apps from their Play store. This is a very genuine problem for those who love to play Bet but their countries did not find it legal. However, many countries like Brazil, France, Ireland, and the UK have the opportunity to download betting apps on their Android sets as the country has legal rights to betting.

The new Google policy of gambling will come into effect from 1ts March and will apply to all those 15 countries where Google will allow downloading Betting apps.

Some of the betting apps available in the Google Play store in the countries are: 

  • Betup: You can enjoy all the sports on your android smartphones. Enjoy live betting from the comfort of your home by just installing this awesome betting app from the Google play store. 
  • Cricket betting 2021: This is the best cricket-betting app for the upcoming tournaments held in 2021. You can catch all the excitement of cricket by just installing the app onto your Android phones from the Google play store. 
  • Mostbet: it has a huge collection of sports to gamble on. It has convenient graphics which help you to use the application conveniently. It will also not consume your battery much. 
  • BetNetix: This sports betting app will allow you to experience the best betting odds and performance of all live sports events. 

In countries where gambling and betting are still illegal like in India, the Google Play store will not allow you to download betting apps as it tracks your location.

However, there are some restrictions or limitations while using gambling sites. It is also important to note that the site developer who wants to release their betting app in any eligible country needs to go through an application process and do certain legal work with Google. 

While Google has started expanding, it is gambling and betting rights to many countries but still, India is not on their list. Many states in India still did not give permission and banned many apps for their users to gamble. It also temporarily blocked apps like Paytm First Games in the recent past for allegedly allowing betting sports in there and daily sports apps. Some states believe in logical winning but winning by chance is still not permitted.

Google is trying to simplify its policies and legal frameworks on betting and loyalty programs. They try to make their policy in a crystal clear format so that the developers and gamblers can understand their instructions. We hope that soon there is a chance that the Indian government will make gambling legal for their people.

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